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02:05 video


On this recording:
Tommy - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Nintendo
Marz - Drums, Vocals
Donald Scully - *Shredding* guitar, vocals
Tyler - Guitar, Vocals

Death Lord Dane - Guest vocals on Breakfast at the Mortuary


released December 23, 2016

All songs performed by Crashbomb. Music and lyrics written by Tommy Magleby. Engineered, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Donald Scully at The Voice Box Recordings in Concord, California



all rights reserved


Crashbomb California

Tommy Magleby
Tyler Magleby
Rob Spearin
Marz Minter
Tanner Whatley

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Track Name: What Happened to Our Friendship, Bro?
My darkest times. So alone
You’re coming back
Because I don’t know.
It’s been so long
So estranged
and so much change in how we relate as

The days turn to weeks
And the weeks into months
And I'm looking back at all that i had
I was falling apart
As i’m trying to start as if we never left

The best times have never died
The greatest days of my life
Old dreams, so hard to kill
Alive in the back of my mind and still

Until that day we separate by choices
And move on with our lives
And I have to say thank you for giving me
Exception and a place to be myself
i won’t ever forget it, defining who i am

Time is never turning back

I don’t know how long its lasting
But i know this feels like going home
Track Name: Hard Knuckles
We walked the line for so long
We fell so hard
We thought the lie had made it right
To live for someone’s approval
Does not pay off
You’ll be confined to living someone else’s life

Buried alive again
somewhere in the graveyard of your mind
It’s where you’ve spent most your time
(to live in shadows of my name)
As i redefine myself.
What is right and the meaning of my life
Time has cleared my sight
(As my self deception melts away)

I’ve cracked the cage
The fake disgraced
And it’s about to be one less mistake
My fate erased
I will evolve to who I choose to be

I know that i’ve never said this before
But i cannot fake this lie no more
Why do i waste so much of my time
Living someone else’s life

I take down giants every day
Lets take it down!

Of all of the things i never said
Not living true was my greatest sin
I’m sorry it had to end up this way
But I won’t regret the choice I made. 

And I won’t regret the choice I made.
Track Name: Andromeda
The day has darkened. The day is dead.
The stars all fall out from the sky
She’s not from from heaven. is this hell?
Her approach kills all light.

You can’t escape her. She's already here
From all dark corners of your mind
You can’t erase her. She takes you in.
Puts out the sun as we collide.

So burn my eyes out, and fade my soul away.
Then quarantine this place
Where she was once part of me.

I see she’s started anew. I wish that I could too.
Maybe I’ll find light again. bring this back to-

Her taste of poison. The feeling hits
That sweetness lingers on her lips
Prayers to the reaper. And takes the world
Between her finger tips

Have I forsaken. And don’t look back
All that I’ve learned about myself?
I keep repeating. Until the end.
The same mistakes as my will melts.

This is the end.
Track Name: Emoflip
Hey-what is the deal with kids today?
'cause things were normal yesterday

how was I brought down to this
I was crossed off from the rest
Guess I don't know you
What you say is not what you do
It kills me what I fail to see
This is the end of what could never be

I wish we'd just talk it out- every hour I feel it going sour
You can't save what you won't work out
I’m going to end this right now

I can see
Aren't what I thought would be
Not coming back to this
And by the way I'd think- I was to blame

But time has changed
And so have I 
You don't affect what I feel inside no more
Now I'm strong I see through the haze
It's over now
This wont be the same

I can see now what you really are
And I have freed this place and have been rid of your desire
you can not cover your self esteem with all your make up now
Your validation it won't come from me

You had me falling for you

When I left it kept this part of me from going back and forth
And I have made my mind about this now. 
Track Name: MX32
Track Name: Damaged Goods
I’ve seen so many times before
She walks right through that door.
Reasons she can’t justify, she comes back for more.

And I don’t fit your expectations
And it’s no mistake of mine
Plans derail. ideals fail. 
You just want some peace of mind. 

You can go where you want to
I will not make you stay, but when you’re low
Is when I know you better than you think

Best off with or with out you
indifference has no sting
As time goes by
Don’t wonder why
I’ll forget your name

(Another slice a pizza)

So now I hope you’re listening
I’ll only say this once
I’m running out of time
I hope you will hear me
Please say exactly what you think
I’ll honor you
I hope you’ll remember
I’m just as wrecked as you

And as you’re disappointed in everyone you see
Deep inside you know you’ll find your way back here with me.
Track Name: Breakfast At The Mortuary
They come to me so faint, so empty, yet free
What lifeless beauty as they all rest in peace
They come to me so faint, so empty, yet free
A show of caution
This is where I'll be

Awake again
Disgusted by the living
To live among the dead
Digression, or progress of a kind?
Embrace ambition to leave the rest behind
Illusions that grasp the world
Warmed by distraction and following the herd
Venture to the depths to survive
The sadomasochistic for a taste of life

Scars remain
Go really great with a caustic blaze
Scapegoat who and all they please
Deeds that none can ever see
Blinded by the light of day
The roots of life struggle
Reality decays
You try and fight to stay awake
But darkness takes you to the grave

Before the day I die
And as I crawl outside
Truth is bold
I accept to know
that my future
Is growing cold